TOKYO MARATHON 2015 - Lottery Result

Dear Mr. laiche kuo ,

Congratulations! You have been selected to run Tokyo Marathon 2015.

To secure your place, simply access to the URL below, follow the given instructions and complete the payment of the entry fee by credit card, no later than 9 October 2014 (JST). Please note that places can be allotted and confirmed
only after the relevant fee has been received. If you do not complete the payment by the above date, your place will be forfeited automatically.




2015東京馬!!!  我來了!!!


各位支持我的好客戶朋友們,謝謝各位,2015年的2/20~2/26 本人將不會在台灣,所有的裝潢事宜都會在年前結束了,2014年也到了歲未倒數,2014的最後一季的業績只差一些些了,還需要大家的支持,本人才有機會,給公司招待去2015年的義大利-米蘭設計展;做這一行就像跑馬拉松一樣,穩定持續的服務好客戶,也穩定的堅持自己的目標,2014年收獲滿滿,圖面跟報價有稍微慢了些的客人們,真的很抱歉,本人扣除睡覺時間外,都在持續服務,每個月也都是接近無放假狀態,工地跟圖面蠟燭兩頭燒,真的很感恩您們的體諒,再次謝謝支持Mike的客戶們,謝謝您們!

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